Quantcast Hub and Drum Assembly (M129A4 Only)

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-53. Hub and Drum Assembly (M129A4 Only)
This task covers:
a. Removal
b. Cleaningandinspection
c. Installation
d. Adjustment
Initial Setup:
Tools/Test Equipment:
General mechanic's tool kit (item 01, Appendix B)
Wheels removed (para. 3-4).
Guard press (item 04, Appendix B)
Brakes caged (para. 2-27).
Automotive shop set (item 2, Appendix B)
Jack stand in place under axle.
Wheel bearing wrench (item 3, Appendix B)
Lock washer (6)
Grease (item 5, Appendix E)
Brush (item 15, Appendix E)
a. Removal
Steps 1 and 2 apply to left front hub and drum only. Do step 2 if hubometer or bracket is damaged and
must be replaced.
1. Remove two screws (1), lock washers (2) and bracket (3) with hubometer (4). Discard lock washers.
2. Remove screw (5), washers (6) and hubometer (4) from bracket (3).
Two screws (1) and lock washers (2) on left front hub were removed in step 1.
3. Remove six screws (1), lockwashers (2) hub cap (7) and cap gasket (8). Discard lockwashers and
4. Remove 10 flange nuts (9) and brake drum (10).
5. Bend tabs on tabbed washer (11) and remove 3-1/4 inch outer bearing nut (12), tabbed washer (11),
keyed washer (13) and 3-7/8 inch inner nut (14).
DO NOT remove studs (16) from hub unless stud(s) is damaged.
6. Remove hub (15) with studs (16).


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