Quantcast Operation With Air Brake Failure (Caging Brakes)

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-27. Operation With Air Brake Failure (Caging Brakes)
In the event of a complete failure of the brake system, the following procedure makes it possible to move
This is an emergency procedure that is to be used only to move the semitrailer off the travel
portion of the highway when there is a complete failure of the brake system. Normal operation
with brakes caged could result in serious injury to personnel.
a. Remove internal hex pipe plug (1) from air
chamber (2).
b. Remove nut (3) and washer (4). Remove
release tool from the tool holder (7) on the air
c. Insert release tool (5) into the hole and turn
one-quarter turn to seat release tool.
d. Install washer (4) and nut (3) on release tool (5)
and tighten until 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 inches of release
tool is exposed.
XM1063 Shown
e. Repeat steps a through d for the remaining air chambers.
f. With release tools in position, the semitrailer brake system is not operative. Use extreme caution
and move semitrailer to side of road.
g. After reaching the side of the road, remove nut (3) and washer (4) from each release tool (5).
h. Remove release tools (5) from holes (6) in air chambers (2).
Insert each pipe plug (1) in holes (6) of air chambers and tighten.
j. Insert each release tool (5) in its tool holder (7) and secure with washer (4) and nuts (3).


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