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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-9. Towing Instructions (cont'd)
(3) When backing, rear of semitrailer will always move in the opposite direction of the front wheels. When
wheels of towing vehicle are turned right, rear of semitrailer will go left.
(4) When the semitrailer has turned and backing in a straight line is required, turn towing vehicle wheels in
the direction semitrailer is moving. This will slowly bring towing vehicle and semitrailer into a straight
2-10. Uncoupling Semitrailer From Towing Vehicle
Make sure there is firm footing under landing gear and leveling jack drop leg assemblies before
lowering landing gear or leveling jack legs. Use sand plate (M129A4 only), if necessary.
XM1063 landing gear/leveling jack is shown
a. Lift drop leg release handle (4) and lower drop leg (3)
to lowest position before contacting ground.
b. Remove pin (1) from crank holder bracket and move
crank (2) to cranking position.
c. Turn both cranks (2) clockwise to lower landing gear
legs (5) until drop leg assemblies (3) support front of
d. Close shutoff valves on towing vehicle air lines.
Wear goggles when opening air reservoir drain cock. Failure to do so could cause serious eye
injury from high pressure air.
e . Open three air reservoir drain cocks on XM1063 and two air reservoir drain cocks on M129A4.


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