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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-9. Towing Instructions
Ensure towing vehicle kingpin wedges are in place during operations on other than paved roads.
Failure to follow this warning could result in serious injury or death to personnel.
a. Driving
(1) When driving towing vehicle and semitrailer, the overall length of the unit must be kept in mind when
when passing other vehicles and when turning.
(2) Because the unit is hinged in the middle, turning and braking also are affected.
(3) The semitrailer's payload will affect stopping and off road maneuverability.
b. Turning
(1) When turning corners, allow for the fact that the semitrailer wheels turn inside the turning radius of the
towing vehicle.
(2) To make a right turn at a road intersection, drive towing vehicle about halfway into the intersection and
then cut sharply to the right. This will allow for the shorter turning radius of the semitrailer and will keep
it off the curb.
c. Stopping
(1) In normal operation, the brakes of the towing vehicle and semitrailer are applied at the same time the
driver steps on the brake pedal.
(2) Brake pressure must be applied gradually and smoothly.
(3) Semitrailer brakes may be applied separately by using brake control lever on towing vehicle
steering column.
(4) On steep down grades or slippery surfaces, semitrailer brakes must be applied before towing
vehicle brakes. This will reduce the possibility of jack-knifing the semitrailer.
d. Parking
(1) When towing vehicle and semitrailer are to be parked and left unattended, set parking brake on towing
(2) Turn off towing vehicle before leaving cab.
e. Backing
(1) The assistant driver or another person will act as ground guide to assist and direct the driver.
(2) Adjust all rear view mirrors before backing.


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