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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-10. Uncoupling Semitrailer From Towing Vehicle (cont'd)
f. Raise gladhand spring loaded covers (6).
g. Disconnect intervehicular air hoses (7) from semitrailer gladhands (8).
h. Disconnect intervehicular electrical cable.
Release kingpin lock on the fifth wheel and drive towing vehicle away
from semitrailer.
2-11. Preparing Semitrailer For Operation
a. Uncouple from towing vehicle (para. 2-10).
Leveling jacks are provided on the M129A4 Registration
Numbers NX0QVH through NX0RC9 and XM1063 only.
b. Lower landing gear and leveling jack legs (para. 2-12).
Ladder is heavy. Two persons are required to remove/install ladder.
c. Install ladder (para. 2-13).
d. On M129A4, use power cable to connect external power source to semitrailer through power inlet
receptacle. Turn switch and circuit breakers to ON position and ensure all lights, switches and receptacles
operate properly.


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