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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
2-8. Coupling Semitrailer To Towing Vehicle (cont'd)
Ladder is heavy. Two persons are required to remove/install ladder.
k. Unlatch and remove boarding ladder. Stow ladder in
brackets underneath van body (XM1063) or on rear
platform (M129A4).
l. Turn landing gear crank (12) counterclockwise to raise landing
gear leg (13).
Leveling jacks are provided on the M129A4 Registration
Numbers NX0QVH through NX0RC9 and XM1063 only.
m. Turn leveling jack crank (12) counterclockwise to raise leveling
jack leg (13).
Make sure to use the proper receptacle, either 24-volt or 12-volt;
depending on the electrical system of the towing vehicle.
n. Plug towing vehicle intervehicular cable (14) into receptacle (15) on front
of semitrailer.
o. Check to see that all lights are in working order.
XM1063 Shown


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