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TM 5-4240-536-10
Starting from the end of the net labelled "FOLD FROM THIS END", one person kneels down at the spiked end of the net
near the white strap and uses the half-circle indentations on the outer edge of the net as folding points. A second person
kneels down at the non-spiked end of the net near the white strap and uses the grommets as folding points. Both people
place one hand on a white strap to keep the net in place. Note hand position in illustration below.
Using folding points, both people begin folding the net in an "accordion" pattern by pulling and dragging the net. Con-
tinue to drag and fold the net into equal sections ensuring the folded spiked sections are neatly placed on top of each other
until there is only one remaining net section to be folded.
For the last net section, each person grabs a red deployment handle and places the remaining net section over the folded
net so that spikes are pointed down into spiked section of folded net.
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