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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
This Task Covers:
a. Removal
b. Installation
c. Follow-On Tasks
Initial Setup:
Tools and Special Tools:
Tool kit, general mechanic's (Item 4, Appendix B-3)
TM 9-237
Shop equipment auto repair, FM Basic (Item 3, Appendix B-3)
Shop equipment welding Field Maintenance
Equipment Conditions:
Personnel Required:
Landing legs down
Two (2)
Semitrailer disconnected from prime mover
Front axle outer tires/wheels removed
Rear axle tires chocked
Compressed air for cleaning purposes will not exceed
30 psi. Particles blown by air are hazardous. Make
certain the air stream is directed away from user and
other personnel in the area. To prevent injury, user
must wear protective goggles or face shield when
using compressed air.
Wear welding mask, gloves, and apron when welding
or using cutting torch. Failure to wear adequate
protective clothing may result in serious injury.
Eye protection is required. Particles from grinding
operations are hazardous to the eyes.
Make sure electrical wiring, connectors, air lines and
converter box are protected against damage/heat from the
welding operation. Move or remove these items to protect
them. Replace any damaged components.
See Paragraph 7-1 for additional service requirements and
TM 9-237 for welding instructions.


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