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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
a. Removal.
With a T-40 torque bit remove the floor screws from the upper deck boards between the two center I
beams. Mark each board location (for re-installation) then remove the boards using a pry bar.
Remove the 12/24 volt electrical connector box and the air connector glad-hands located on the
front of the trailer. Pull the airlines and electrical harness cables away from the kingpin area.
Using the air-arc process, remove the welds securing the brace bar (6) on top of the kingpin (4).
Again, using the air-arc process remove the welds directly securing the kingpin (4) mushroom to the
bolster plate (5). A 300-amp welder is required along with an air supply of 90 psi. Care must be
taken to minimize damage to the bolster plate (5).
Remove and discard the old kingpin (4)


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