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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-9. PREPARATION FOR MOVEMENT- continued. (h)   Viscosity Baths (i) Gas-Oil Distillation Unit (4)   Ensure that the manometer, recording pressure gage, and the barometer are properly secured. (5)   Turn off oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen at their respective gas bottles.  Ensure that bottles are firmly secure in their mounting brackets. (6)   Ensure that propane bottles are securely stored in the propane locker. (7)   Empty  and  clean  interiors  of  laboratory  ovens  and  burn  out  furnace.    Remove  and  store  desiccant  from desiccating cabinets. (8)   Place cover over analytical balance and secure to vibration mount with snap clamps. (9)   Install shipping straps and brackets where required and ensure all retaining screws are tight. (10) Check contents of all cabinets to ensure all items are properly stored for movement. (11) Test gas alarm system. (12) In  MAIN  POWER  PANEL,  set  circuit  breakers  to  the  OFF  positions  except  for  A1CB1,  A1CB2,  A1CB9, A1CB11, and A1CB13. (13)    In  the  mechanical  room  at  POWER  PANEL  NO.    2,  set  all  circuit  breakers  to  the  OFF  positions  except A15CBIO. (14) Drain the following: (a)   Water Tank (b)   Steam Generator (c)   High Pressure Boiler (d)   Air System Moisture Trap (15) At POWER PANEL NO.  2, set circuit breaker A15CB10 in the OFF position. (16) Through  the  rear  door,  load  the  eight  overpack  boxes  into  the  laboratory  compartment  and  secure  with tiedown straps in accordance with loading diagram located on rear door. (17) In the MAIN POWER PANEL, set circuit breakers A1CB1, A1CB2, A1CB9, A1CB11, and A1CB13 in the OFF positions. 2-60


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