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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-8. OPERATING PROCEDURES -continued. (b)   Allow unit to operate 4 to 6 hours and then load interior with water filled ice cube trays. (c)   When ice cube trays are frozen, cubes may be stored in area below shelves of freezing compartment. (d)   If required, adjust cold control for proper operating temperatures. (2)   Defrosting the Ice Maker. (a)   Remove power from unit. (b)   Open door until accumulated ice has melted and drained from cabinet. (c)   Place several pans of hot water in freezing compartment to accelerate melting. (d)   Wipe interior completely dry. (e)   Apply power to ice maker and allow unit to operate for at least 1 hour before replacing  water-filled  ice cube trays. 2-9. PREPARATION FOR MOVEMENT. The following paragraphs are used to prepare the Petroleum Laboratory for movement. a.     Interior.  Prepare the interior of the Petroleum Laboratory for movement as follows: (1)   Place all chemicals in their designated storage.  Ensure that caps are tight. (2)   Place all other loose test equipment, support equipment, and supplies in their designated storage. (3)   Drain and clean the following equipment: (a)   RVP Bath (b)   Gum Bath (c)   Oxidation Stabilization Bath (d)   Electric Still (e)   Refrigerator (f) Drain Tank (g)   Ice Maker 2-59


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