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TM 10-6640-215-13 2-9. PREPARATION FOR MOVEMENT- continued (18)    Place EMERGENCY LIGHT switches S17 and S18 in the OFF positions b. Exterior.  Prepare the exterior of the Petroleum Laboratory for movement as follows: (1)   Close and lock mechanical room access door, the laboratory compartment access door, and the rear access door. (2)   Turn off external power at generator set. (3)   Disconnect main power cable from Petroleum electrical connector at power input panel and install protective cap on connector. (4)   Disconnect main power cable from generator set.  Clean cable and store in roadside storage box. (5)   Remove grounding cable from grounding lug in power input panel. (6)   Close and latch power input panel door. (7)   Remove grounding cable and clamp from grounding rod. (8)   With  driver/puller  attached  to  grounding  rod,  remove  rod  from  ground,  uncoupling  each  rod  section  as  it emerges from the ground. (9)   Clean and store grounding rod, driver/puller, grounding cable and damp in roadside storage box. (10)    Disconnect drain hoses from deck drains.  Clean and store hoses in curbside storage box. (11)    Disconnect hose adapters from deck drains and store.  Place protective caps on deck drains. (12)    Close and latch UTILITIES box door. (13)    Close and latch gum bath/fume exhaust door. (14)    Close and latch PURGE EXHAUST and INTAKE doors. (15)    Roll down and secure ECU canvas covers. (16) Remove  ladders  from  rear  access  door,  laboratory  compartment  access  door,  and  mechanical  room access door. (17)    Store rear platform. (18)    Store ECU maintenance platform. (19)    Store and secure ladders in accordance with TM 9-2330-362-14&P. 2-61


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