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TM 5-4240-536-10
0005 00
To prevent personnel injury, do not step on barbed spikes on leading edge of net device.
If necessary and time allows, reposition the net and make sure net is as flat as possible to avoid being detected by threat
vehicle. Do not step on barbed spikes.
To prevent personnel injury or even death, all personnel should stand clear of deployed net in case target vehicle
makes evasive maneuvers or tries to avoid the VLAD.
10. Stand clear of area.
11. If VLAD was deployed but not used to stop a vehicle, see WP 0006 00, REPACKING THE NET DEVICE.
Perform Rapid Deployment steps 1 thru 7. Observe all WARNINGS and CAUTIONS.
Remove two plastic bags from pouch on outside of carrying bag marked "Deployment Lanyards". Remove two plastic
anchor pegs, two anchor lanyards, and two deployment lanyards from plastic bags. Place empty plastic bags back in
pouch for possible re-use. Set carrying bag aside for possible repacking.
0005 00-7


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