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TM 5-4240-536-10
(NSN 4240-01-518-4626, PN 13008224)
The Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device (VLAD) is a non-lethal system designed to be placed at vehicle checkpoints to
fully stop a range of vehicles using a unique spiked net design. The system is lightweight, man-portable, and able to be
deployed across a roadway in less than a minute while causing minimal damage to passenger vehicles and light trucks (less
than 2 tons). When deployed, the VLAD creates a low profile system that is difficult to detect until the target vehicle is within
a few feet of the net device. To prevent injury or even death, the VLAD should NOT be used to stop motorcycles or articu-
lated vehicles including vehicles towing trailers.
Site selection for emplacement of the VLAD is important. To prevent serious injury or even death, DO NOT place the net
before a bend or other hazard in the road since VLAD is designed to arrest a vehicle in a predominately straight line. The site
selected should be just after a natural slowing feature. A total of 300 feet of straight road beyond the net device is recom-
mended (200 feet for stopping the suspect vehicle and another 100 feet as a safety zone). However, if the net is to be used dur-
ing wet conditions, the area selected should have double the normal distance (600 feet) of straight road beyond the net device.
VLAD contains two anchor lanyards, two plastic anchor pegs, two deployment lanyards, and one net device packed in a carry-
ing bag. The net device, made of a stretchable polyethylene fiber to enable the kinetic energy of the vehicle to be absorbed, is
both lightweight and strong. The leading edge of the VLAD net device contains a large number of sharp, hardened steel,
barbed spikes. The spikes are protected from snagging and accidental injury with plastic sheaths which are designed to crush
down and expose the spikes when a tire runs over them. DO NOT remove the plastic sheaths. Avoid unnecessary handling of
the net device to prevent hand injury from barbed spikes. Wearing leather gloves is recommended.
There are two modes of deployment for VLAD: Rapid Deployment for quick setup or Lanyard Deployment for Stand-by
Mode. Rapid Deployment can be completed in less than one minute. When time is available, Lanyard Deployment is used.
For Lanyard Deployment, two 28-foot deployment lanyards are clipped to the two red deployment handles on the side of the
folded net device. The lanyards are then stretched out across the road. This allows traffic to freely pass while deployment per-
sonnel, remaining at a relatively safe distance, can use deployment lanyards to quickly pull the net device across the road if a
target vehicle approaches. As the vehicle runs over the net device, the two rows of barbed spikes on the leading edge pierce
the vehicle's front tires. The net wraps around the tires, pulls tight under the vehicle, and stops the wheels from rotating which
brings the vehicle to a standstill.
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