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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-92. Loading Procedure (XM1063 Only) (cont'd)
31. Move K-Loader forward until entire van body rests on K-Loader.
32. Disconnect intervehicular electrical cable from receptacle in front cover of resistor box.
33. Raise gladhand covers and disconnect intervehicular air hoses from gladhands located at
each side of resistor box on front of van body.
34. Remove towing vehicle.
35. Stow landing gear center braces (4) in center dolly frame, using the original hardware.
36. Remove landing gear stowage retainers (1)
from stowage brackets on dolly. Position
left landing gear to front of dolly, right
landing gear to rear of dolly. Align holes in
landing gear mounting brackets with holes
in dolly frame and secure with original
hardware. Install stowage retainers (1) and
secure with washer (2) and
nut (3).
37. Set lifting/loading braces in position for
stowing on front dolly. Secure with
stowage brackets.
Ladder is heavy. Two persons are required to remove/install ladder.
38. Stow personnel ladder in interior of van body.


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