Quantcast Unloading Procedure (XM1063 Only)

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-93. Unloading Procedure (XM1063 Only)
This task covers:
Unloading procedure
Initial Setup:
Tools/Test Equipment:
Equipment Conditions:
9/16 inch allen wrench (1)
3/4 inch deep well socket, 3/4 inch drive (1)
Materials/ Supplies:
1-1/8 inch deep well socket, 3/4 inch drive (1)
1-1/8 inch combination wrench (1)
Personnel required: Two
15/16 inch deep well socket, 3/4 inch drive (1)
15/16 inch combination wrench (1)
1-11/16 inch socket, 3/4 inch drive (1)
8 inch to 10 inch socket extension, 1/2 inch drive (1)
Ratchet, 1/2 inch drive (1)
Ratchet, 3/4 inch drive (1)
18 inch drift pin (1)
Tanger bar (1)
1. Unload van body from aircraft to K-Loader. Make sure area landing gears were removed from is
accessible for reinstallation.
Van body must be secured prior to movement of K-Loader to prevent unsafe movement and
possible injury to personnel.
2. Attach towing vehicle to van body.
Landing leg is heavy. Two persons are required to remove/install landing leg.
3. Remove landing gear legs and center braces from stowed position on dolly frame. Working as a team,
attach mounting brackets with attached legs and secure with existing hardware.
4. Position center braces and secure with existing hardware.
5. Turn both cranks clockwise at the same time and lower legs to ground.


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