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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-81. Maintenance Under Unusual Conditions
a. Extreme Cold Weather Conditions
For maintenance procedures and practices during extreme cold weather, refer to FM 9-207.
b. Extreme Hot Weather Maintenance
1. In hot dry climates, corrosive action will occur on all parts of the semitrailer. It will be accelerated
during rainy weather.
2. Evidence of corrosion will appear in the form of rust, paint blisters, mildew, mold and fungus growth.
3. Remove corrosion from exterior metal surfaces with abrasive paper or cloth. Apply a protective coating
of paint or touch up existing paint.
4. Keep a film of engine lubricating oil (OE-30) on unfinished exposed metal surfaces.
c. Maintenance After Fording
Refer to TM 9-238 for maintenance procedures after fording.
d. Maintenance After Operation On Unusual Terrain
1. Thorough cleaning and lubrication of all parts must be accomplished as soon as possible after operation
in mud.
2. Clean all suspension components. Repack wheel bearings if necessary.
3. After operation in sand or dust, touch up all painted surfaces damaged by sandblasting.
4. Lubricate completely to force out lubricants contaminated by sand or dust.


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