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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-71. Door Seals
This task covers:
a. Removal
b. Cleaning
c. Installation
Initial Setup:
Tools/Test Equipment:
General mechanic's tool kit (item 01, Appendix B)
Doors have both rubber seals and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding seals. Both types
are removed, cleaned and installed in the same manner.
a. Removal
To remove both types of seals, open door and pry seals from groove.
b. Cleaning
1. Make certain jams and thresholds are free of dust, dirt and grime.
Dry cleaning solvent (PD-680) is toxic and flammable. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors. Avoid
skin contact. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from open flame. Flash point of solvent
is 138o F (50o C).
2. Use fine steel wool to remove any grease or grime. Clean with dry cleaning solvent (item 3, Appendix
c. Installation
Insert seals in grooves.


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