Quantcast Installation and adjustment of wheel bearings (Cont) - TM-9-2330-380-14-P0175

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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-53. Hub and Drum Assembly (M129A4 Only) (cont'd)
8. Check adjustment by trying to rock hub on spindle. If bearings are properly adjusted, lateral movement
of brake drum will not be visible and brake drum will move freely. If movement is excessive, repeat
steps 6 and 7.
9. Install keyed washer (13). If necessary, back off inner nut (14) so that alignment pin on inner nut mates
into closest hole in keyed washer (13).
10. Install tabbed washer (11).
11. Install outer bearing nut (12), using 3-1/4 inch wheel bearing locknut wrench, drawing it up tightly
against keyed washer (13). Torque outer bearing nut (12) to 200-300 lb-ft (147.6-221.4 Nm).
A minimum of two tabs must be bent down on tabbed washer (11).
12. Bend down two tabs on tabbed washer (11).
13. Position brake drum (10) and align holes in drum with holes in hub (15). Install 10 flange nuts (9).


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