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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-35. Marker Clearance Light (Excluding M129A4 With LED Lighting System) (cont'd)
c. Cleaning and Inspection
Do not use dry cleaning solvent. It will damage the body of the light. Remove lamps before cleaning.
1. Clean light, using clean water and soap (item 17, Appendix E) solution. Dry thoroughly with clean rags
(item 14, Appendix E).
2. Check wiring for damaged or worn insulation.
3. Inspect body for cracks, dents, warpage and cracked or broken lens.
4. Make sure all parts are in good condition and will make good electrical contact and watertight
5. Replace light if defective.
d. Installation
1. Position light body (6) and secure with screws (4).
2. Connect wire assembly (5).
3. Position lens (2) and secure with two screws (1).
4. Test light by turning on switch in towing vehicle.
Follow-on maintenance: None


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