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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
4-17. Work Safety
a. Observe all WARNINGs and CAUTIONs. Always use power tools carefully.
b. Protect yourself against injury. Wear protective gear, such as safety goggles or lenses, safety shoes, rub
ber apron or gloves.
c. When lifting heavy parts, have someone help you. Make sure that lifting/jacking equipment is working
properly, is suitable for the assigned task and is secure against slipping.
d. All maintenance should be performed with:
. Trailer parking brake engaged.
.  Tow vehicle in neutral with parking brake engaged, if attached.
.  Tow vehicle engine stopped, if attached.
4-18. Cleaning Instructions
Improper cleaning methods and the use of unauthorized cleaning liquids or solvents can injure
personnel and damage equipment. To prevent this, refer to TM 9-247 for further instructions.
a. General
Cleaning instructions will be the same for a majority of the parts and components that make up the XM1063 or
.  Clean all parts before inspection, after repair and before assembly.
.  Keep hands free of grease, which can collect dust, dirt and grit.
.  After cleaning, cover or wrap all parts to protect them from dust and dirt. Parts that are subject to rust should be
b. Steam Cleaning
1. Before steam cleaning exterior of XM1063 or M129A4 semitrailer, protect all electrical equipment that could be
damaged by steam or moisture.
2. Place disassembled parts in a suitable container to steam-clean. Parts that are subject to rust should be dried and


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