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TM 9-2330-380-14&P
1-7. Location and Description of Major Components (cont'd)
1. Dual wheels and tires
M1063 has nine wheels (2) that are offset disk-type rims
with split-type retaining rings. (The ninth wheel is
mounted on the spare wheel carrier.)
Nuts (1) for right wheels (marked R) have right hand
threads. Nuts for left wheels (marked L) have left hand
threads. The studs are similarly marked. Nuts (1) must
be turned in the opposite direction of forward rotation of
wheel to be loosened or removed.
XM1063 tires (3) are tube type, highway tread, size
10.00 by 20, 12-ply rating.
M129A4 has eight wheels (2) that are offset disk-type
one piece rims. M129A4 tires are radial tubeless type,
highway tread, size 11.00 by 22.50 G load range.
2. Axle assembly
Two axle assemblies, one located at center and one at
rear of dolly assembly. Each axle assembly has brake
drums, hubs, brake assemblies and associated parts.
3. Hub
Each hub (1) is mounted on an axle spindle on two
tapered roller bearings. Brake drums are mounted on
4. Brake drum
Each brake drum (2) is secured with three screws and ten
serrated bolts.
A hub cap and gasket, secured to hub, keep out moisture
and dirt.
5. Spare wheel carrier (XM1063 Only)
Is mounted at right side, to front of dolly assembly.
Has a wire rope and ratchet to help raise and lower spare
wheel and tire.


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