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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
Dry cleaning solvent is toxic and flammable. Always wear protective
goggles and gloves, and use only in a well-ventilated area. Avoid
contact with skin, eyes, and clothes, and DO NOT breathe vapors.
DO NOT use near open flame or excessive heat. The solvent's flash
point is 100F-138F (38C-59C). If you become dizzy while using
cleaning solvent, immediately get fresh air and medical help. If
solvent contacts eyes, immediately wash your eyes and get medical aid.
Improper cleaning methods and use of unauthorized cleaning liquids
or solvents can injure personnel and damage equipment.
Do not wash oil seals, electrical cables, and flexible hoses with dry
cleaning solvent or mineral spirits. Serious damage or destruction of
material would result.
Dispose of all hazardous material in accordance with TB 43-0244
Cleaning instructions will be the same for a majority of parts and components which make up
the semitrailer. The following should apply to all cleaning operations:
1. Clean all parts before inspection, after repair, and before assembly.
2. Keep hands free of grease which can collect dust, dirt, and grit.
3. After cleaning, all parts should be covered or wrapped to protect them from dust and dirt. Parts that
are subject to rust should be lightly oiled.
1. Before steam cleaning exterior of semitrailer, protect all electrical equipment which could be
damaged by steam or moisture.
2. Place disassembled parts in a suitable container to steam clean. Parts that are subject to rust
should be dried and lightly oiled after cleaning.


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