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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
When a new, used, or reconditioned semitrailer is first received, determine whether it has been properly
prepared for service and is in condition to perform its mission. Follow the inspection and servicing instructions in
this work package.
1. Refer to DD Form 1397 for procedures on unpacking the semitrailer.
2. Remove all straps, plywood, tape, seals, and wrappings.
Dry cleaning solvent is toxic and flammable. Always wear protective
goggles and gloves, and use only in a well-ventilated area. Avoid
contact with skin, eyes, and clothes, and DO NOT breathe vapors.
DO NOT use near open flame or excessive heat. The solvent's flash
point is 100F-138F (38C-59C). If you become dizzy while using
cleaning solvent, immediately get fresh air and medical help. If
solvent contacts eyes, immediately wash your eyes and get medical aid.
Dispose of all hazardous material in accordance with TB 43-0244
3. Remove rust preventive compound from coated exterior parts of the semitrailer using dry cleaning
solvent (WP 0086 00-3, Item 12) and rags (WP 0086 00-2, Item 10).
4. Inspect the semitrailer for damage incurred during shipment. Check to see if the equipment has
been modified.
5. Check the equipment against the packing list to ensure that the shipment is complete. Report any
discrepancies in accordance with instructions in DA PAM 738-751.
1. Perform all Operator/Crew and Organizational PMCS. Schedule the next PMCS on DD Form 314.
2. Lubricate all lubrication points as described in WP 0022 00-5, regardless of interval.
3. Report any problems on DA Form 2404.
4. Perform a break-in road test of 25 mi (40 km) at a maximum speed of 50 mi/h (80 km/h).


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