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TM 9-2330-331-14&P
1. This section provides information for identifying and correcting malfunctions which may develop when
operating or maintaining the semitrailer.
2. The Troubleshooting Symptom Index in WP 0011 00 lists common malfunctions which may occur
and refers you to the proper page in Table 2 for a troubleshooting procedure.
3. This section cannot list all malfunctions that may occur, nor all tests or inspections and corrective
actions. If a malfunction is not listed, or is not corrected by the listed corrective actions, notify your
4. When troubleshooting a malfunction:
a. Question the operator to obtain any information that might help determine the cause of the
problem. Before continuing, ensure that all applicable operator/crew troubleshooting was
b. Locate the symptom(s) in WP 0011 00-1 that best describes the malfunction. If the appropriate
symptom is not listed, notify your supervisor.
c. Turn to the page in Table 2 where the troubleshooting procedures for the malfunction in question
are described. Headings at the top of each page show how each troubleshooting procedure is
organized: MALFUNCTION, TEST OR INSPECTION (in step number order), and CORRECTIVE
d. Perform each step in the order listed until the malfunction is corrected. DO NOT perform any
maintenance task unless the troubleshooting procedure tells you to do so.
The columns in Table 2 are defined as follows:
a. MALFUNCTION. A visual or operational indication that something is wrong with the semitrailer.
b. TEST OR INSPECTION. A procedure to isolate the problem in a component or system.
c. CORRECTIVE ACTION. A procedure to correct the problem.


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