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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
The purpose of this material is to help you reduce premature wheel-end failures by tracking down their
causes. To begin with, a CR wheel end system is made up of high quality parts designed for reliability and
long life. When a part doesn't reach its intended service life, it suffers premature failure. And this calls for
an investigation.
Tracking wheel end failure requires a planned, consistent approach to require and maintenance, like the
sample procedures shown here. Investigation damage to a CR Scotseal or Scotseal Plus wheel seal
requires taking the seal apart. In these unitized designs, the seal and sealing surface are inside, making it
easy, once the surface is exposed, to track what has happened.
Reading the failure modes of bearings and hub caps is simply matching up the visible damage to a short
list of causes. If questions arise that aren't covered here, contact your CR sales representative. We'll be
glad to provide further help.
For proper installation instructions on Scotseal, Scotseal Plus, bearings, and accessories, the following
materials are available; Fleet Self Study Guide (457935), Bearing Self Study Guide (457640), and Scotseal
and Scotseal Plus Installation video (458304).
Inspect for Indicati ons of Leakage:
Under vehicle inspection
Grease present past the seal.
Greasel contaminated hub, brake hardware, and brake shoes.
External leakage
Grease present around hup cap exterior.
Grease present on wheels and exterior axle areas by dust shields.
Disassembling the Wheel End:
Block wheels. Support vehicle on stands.
Check condition of hub cap. Check flange.
Check bolts and hub flange area on drive axle.
Remove Hub Cap:
Check condition of lube
Cloudy or milky indicates water.
Shiny indicates bearing wear.
Gritty, sandy indicates contamination.
Smells burnt indicates overheating.
Check condition of fastening system
Verify end-play measurement before removing fastener.
Examine outer nut and return spring.


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