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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
a. Installation. (See illustration below)
1. Install two (L12, R12 Rear Panels) 45 7/8"x 48" rear panels using two long corner stakes (with top
chain loops facing inwards) and long rear center panel stake.
2. Install two panels L11 and R11 with long stakes to semitrailer.
3. Install L10, L9, L8, L7, R6, R7, R5, R4, and R10, R9, R8, R7, R6, R5, R4 to semitrailer using long
stakes .
Stakes between wood panels L7and L8 and R7 and R8 should
have top loops on them for attachment of chains. Chains are
crossed and attached to rear corner stakes which have top chain
metal loops.
4. Install four upper deck short stakes and panels L3, L2, L1 and R3, R2, R1.
5. Install cross chain hooks to stake top metal loops and bulkhead hooks front and rear (4 chains
with hooks).
6. Install two (L3, R3) 23-3/4" x 25 side boards (3) to semitrailer.
7. Install two (L2, R2) 47-3/4" x 25 side boards (2) to semitrailer.
8. Install two (L1, R1) 22-5/8" x 25 side boards (1) to semitrailer.
9. Install cross chains through metal loops of center and side stakes, as appropriate.
b. Installation Information. The side rack panels are stenciled. Left side panels (roadside) are
identified with and "L" and a number. Right side panels (curbside) are identified with and "R" and a
number. Rear panels are the same and are numbered L12 and R12. Start at the front of semitrailer
and install them from 1 to 12 for both left and right sides, with the number 12(s) at the rear.


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