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TM 9-2330-326-14&P
This Task Covers:
a. Removal
b. Installation
c. Follow-On Tasks
Initial Setup:
Tools and Special Tools:
Equipment Conditions:
Tool kit, general mechanic's (item 4, Appendix B)
Landing legs down
Semitrailer disconnec ted from prime mover
Make sure side/rear stakes and panels are secured before on-road
operation to prevent injury to personnel and damage to vehicles.
Replacement of individual side boards is a Unit Maintenance
If side boards are not to be immediately reinstalled, arrange
them in upper deck stowage rack in a sequence of decreasing
size before securing. Remaining side boards are to be stored
upright within bulkhead pocket. Insure arrangement of these
smaller side boards allow s placement of cross chains and
corner and side stakes.
Wood panels are stenciled L1 through L12 and R1 through R12.
L12 and R12 are the rear panels.
There is a total of 24 panels. Six (6) short panels for the upper
deck, sixteen (16) long side panels and two (2) long rear panels.
There is a total of 23 stakes used to support these panels. Four
(4) short stakes for the upper deck, sixteen (16) long stakes for
side panels, two (2) rear corner long stakes (with handles) and
one (1) rear center stake.
Of the twenty-three (23) total stakes, six (6) have chain loops at
the top of them. These stakes must be positioned as follows:
Rear of semi-trailer: Stakes between panels L7, L8 and R7, R8
and two rear corner stakes. Make sure
corner stakes are positioned so loops face
toward inside.
Front of semi-trailer: Stakes between panels L4 and L5, the
chains are crossed and attached to the
bulkhead outer top chain loops.


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