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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Equipment Description (Cont)
Generator. The TFFT is equipped with a complete electrical power system.
The generator is a Harrison Model 15.0 MPC-160 TFFT 15 kW Hydraulic
unit. The wiring and generator installation conform to present National
Electrical Code Standards of the National Fire Protection Association
(NFPA). The installation is designed for continuous operation without
overheating and placing undue stress on components.
The output of the generator is controlled by an internal hydraulic system. An
electrical instrument panel allows for the operator to monitor and control all
electrical operations and output. The generator utilizes the main chassis
transmission to power the generator. An engine/transmission Power Take Off
(PTO) unit drives the generator, through a hydraulic pump and motor.
An electric/hydraulic valve supplies hydraulic fluid to the clutch engagement
unit provided on the chassis PTO drive.
Generator Instruments and Controls. To properly monitor the generator
performance, a digital meter panel is located in passenger side rear
compartment. The meter indicates the following items:
Amperage for both lines
Generator run hours
Over current indication
Over temperature indication
Service required indication
"Power On" indication
Two (2) fuse holders with 2 amp fuses (for indicator light protection)
All instruments are accurate within +/- 2 percent.
Cabs. The standard two person HEMTT personnel cab has been retained.
The standard HEMTT passenger side seat has been replaced with officer's
seat equipped with a SCBA seat back. An additional four-person crew cab
has been added, located separate from front cab. The crew cab is constructed
of a tubular steel frame and skins. Each crew cab door has a roll-up type
window. Air conditioning has been added to both personnel cab and crew cab.


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