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TM 9-2320-279-10-3
Equipment Description (Cont)
Cab Pump/Foam System Controls. An additional pump control panel is
located inside the personnel cab, which provides the following:
Pump engine start/engine
Tank to pump control
Water and foam level gages
Foam system controls
Windshield deluge system controls
Ground sweeps controls
Roof and bumper turret controls
Electrical System. Like the chassis electrical system, the fire package
utilizes a 24-volt electric system. The fuel level sending unit has been
updated to accommodate dual gages at both personnel cab and operators
pump panel locations.
Winterization Package. A winterization package is provided to allow
operation of the pump, foam system, and body down to -25F (-32C). The
package includes two (2) diesel-fired 27,300 BTU heaters, one inside the
pump house compartment and one used to heat the rear compartment. These
heaters turn on at around 39F (4C), and turn off at 57F (14C).
Two (2) 2,250 W water heaters are installed in the water tank. The tank
heaters turn on at 40F (4C) and turn off at 60F (16C). The water pump
must be engaged and circulating water to prevent freezing the pump and
plumbing. The pump compartment is sealed to reduce heat loss. Some of the
plumbing between the water tank to the pump is also heated and insulated.
Pump Drive Engine. An auxiliary diesel pump drive Deutz Engine is
provided. The Deutz engine is water-cooled and has 198 HP to drive the
water pump sufficiently to meet pump performance.
The Deutz engine draws from the same fuel tank as the chassis.
The Deutz engine has remote start/stop controls.
Inlet/Direct Water Tank Fill. One 4 in. (10.2 cm) direct water tank fill is
provided. The inlet is piped directly from water tank to an external location
on the side of the vehicle. An electric over air valve controls the inlet.
The direct water tank inlet includes an automatic water fill system. The
system is designed to allow an outside water source to maintain the water
tank at full level without having the operator monitor the water tank for an
overflow situation.
The inlet includes a 4 in. (10.2 cm) cap and chain.


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