Quantcast Mod Lab A and Mod Lab B Electrical Startup and Purge Cycle - cont

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TM 10-6640-239-13 2-44 (4) Apply power at Generator set (7) in accordance with applicable equipment TM.  Set power output to 208V and frequency to 60Hz. (5) Apply power to Mod Lab A (1) at Power Distribution Module (5) by pulling out switch Lab-A ON/OFF. (6) Apply power to Mod Lab B (2) at Power Distribution Module (5) by pulling out switch Lab-B ON/OFF. (7) After ECU blowers shut off INDICATING purging cycle is complete, unlock and open laboratory entrance doors. (8) Loosen retaining straps and remove spill kit. (9)    Loosen retaining straps securing overpack boxes to Mod Lab B floor. (10)   Loosen retaining straps securing overpack boxes to retaining frame and remove overpack boxes and retaining frames from Mod Lab B.  Store straps in boxes. (11)   Open Main Power Panel and position main circuit breaker A1CB1 (1, figure 2-2) and circuit breaker A1CB2 (21) (input power for Power Panel No. 2), to ON. (12)   Position all remaining Main Power Panel circuit breakers to ON. (13)   Position all Laboratory fluorescent light switches to on (See Figure 2-4). (14)   Position forward curbside door emergency light switch and rear door emergency light switch on. NOTE Emergency light switches will remain in on until Laboratory are prepared for movement or storage. (15)   In mechanical room, position mechanical room fluorescent light switch to on. (16)   Open Power Panel No. 2 and position ECU circuit breakers A15CB1 (12, figure 2-3) A15CB2 (1), A15CB3 (11), and A15CB4 (2) to ON. (17)   Position all remaining Power Panel No. 2 circuit breakers to ON. (18)   Energize and adjust ECUs using ECU controllers (figure 2-5) in laboratory compartment.  All ECU controller selector switches and temperature controls should be set the same. (19)   Remove fume hood vent extension from water chiller and install onto fume hood vent exhaust door. h. Unpacking and Inspection.  Inspect each item of equipment and supply for damage.  Check for broken or cracked glassware.  Remove all shipment retainer brackets, straps, etc. and store for future use.  Report any breakage or damage to the supervisor.  Unpack overpack boxes as follows: (1) Open overpack boxes and remove material safety data sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals and store sheets in Lab Storage Requirement Book located in the bookcases. (2) When chemicals have been removed from cardboard boxes, retain and store cardboard boxes inside overpack box. i. Storage of Chemicals.  To prevent chemicals from being stored with incompatible materials they must be stored in their proper overpack storage box.  A packing list is provided with each overpack storage box.  The storage requirements for each chemical are located in the Lab Storage Requirements Book located in each Lab.  When the overpack storage boxes are removed from the trailer they must be stored in a dry location, out of direct sunlight and protected from extreme temperatures (Hot and Cold).  The storage area should be posted “NO SMOKING.  DO NOT EXPOSE TO HEAT, SPARKS, OR FLAMES”.


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