Quantcast Figure 2-14.  Water Inlet.

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TM 10-6640-239-13 2-45 NOTE Perform the following steps when setting up Mod Lab B for initial use at a site.   After initial set up, perform only necessary steps to place Lab in operation. j. Water System.  Perform the following steps to place the water system in operation.  (Refer to figure 2-9 for location of control valves.) (1)   Fill Water Tank From Pressurized Source. (a) Open sink and water tank cam drains from under trailer. (b) Unlatch and open Water Inlet access door. (c) Connect garden hose adapter (1, figure 2-14) to water system connector (2). (d) Attach 50-foot (15.25 m) garden hose to water inlet adapter (1). (e) Position WATER OUT/IN valve (3) to the IN position. (f) Secure opposite end of hose to pressurized water source. Figure 2-14.  Water Inlet.


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