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TM 10-6640-239-13 1-17 Water Supply Pump (52):  A centrifugal self-priming pump used to pump water from the water tank or from an outside source. Water Tank (53):  A 60-gallon fiberglass tank used as a supply source when operating water system as a closed system. Carbon Residue Ramsbottom Tester (54): Used to perform ASTM test D-524. Gas Alarm Calibration Kit (55):  A portable, self-contained kit used to calibrate gas alarm. Fume Hoods (56):  The two fume hoods are used to protect the operator from toxic, corrosive, poisonous, explosive, radioactive, odoriferous, and other harmful and dangerous materials.  Do not operate both fume hoods at the same time. Autotritator (57):  Used as a complete analysis station for titrimetric analyses. Entrance, Rear (58):  Used for loading and unloading. Blackout Micro Switches (59):  Automatically switches off the white lights and leaves on the blue blackout lights when entrance doors are opened. Overpack Boxes (60):  Twenty two overpack boxes provide storage for supplies and equipment shipped with the Supplemental Petroleum Laboratory. Spill Kit (61):  Used to clean and store spilled chemicals. Ultraviolet Light (62):  Used to produce a wavelength of 365nm. Power Distribution Module (63):  The power distribution module is stored in the mechanical room during storage and transit.  It is used to route power from a generator set to Mod Lab A and Mod Lab B. Vacuum Pump (64):  The vacuum pump is a 2-stage rotary pump which provides vacuum to the laboratory vacuum system. Fume Hood Exhaust Vent Extension (65):  The fume hood exhaust vent extension is located on top of the water chiller during transit.  It is used in conjunction with flexible duct and connects to fume hood vent door to vent exhaust fumes away from Mod Lab purge doors and environmental control units.


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