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TM 10-6640-239-13 2-53 (18)  In MAIN POWER PANEL, position circuit breakers A1CB1, A1CB2, A1CB9, A1CB11, and A1CB13 to OFF. (19)  Position EMERGENCY LIGHT switches S17 and S18 to OFF. b. Exterior.  Prepare as follows: (1) Turn off Generator Set external power.  Refer to appropriate TM. (2) Disconnect main power cable from Generator Set.  Disconnect main power cable from Power Distribution Module and install protective cap on connector.  Clean cable and store in Mod Lab A roadside storage box. (3) Disconnect Power Distribution Module grounding cable from GND. (4) Remove grounding cable and clamp from ground rod. (5) Attach driver/puller to ground rod and remove rod from ground, uncoupling each rod section as it emerges from ground. (6) Clean grounding rod, grounding cable and clamp, and store in surpassed storage box with main power cable. (7) Disconnect laboratory power cables from Power Distribution Module.  Remove cable from power panel on each Lab, and install protective caps on connector. (8) Clean cable and store one in Mod Lab A roadside and one in Mod Lab B curbside storage boxes. (9) Disconnect grounding cable from grounding lug on power panel. (10)  Close and latch power panel door. (11)  Remove grounding cables and clamps from ground rods. (12)  Attached driver/puller to ground rod and remove grounding rods uncoupling each rod section as it emerges from ground. (13)  Clean grounding rods, grounding cables, clamps, driver/puller and driver/puller rods, and store one set in Mod Lab A roadside and one set in Mod Lab B curbside storage box. (14)  Disconnect fume hood vent exhaust and flexible duct.  Secure fume hood vent exhaust to water chiller in mechanical room and stow flexible duct in roadside stowage box. (15)  Store Power Distribution Module in mechanical room of Mod Lab B and secure to floor tiedown rings with straps provided. (16)  Disconnect drain hoses from deck drains.  Clean and store hoses in curbside storage boxes. (17)  Disconnect hose adapters from deck drains and store.  Place protective caps on deck drains. (18)  Close and latch water inlet access door. (19)  Close and latch two PURGE INTAKE and two PURGE EXHAUST doors on each trailer. (20)  Close and latch FUME HOOD AND GUM BATH VENT on each trailer. (21)  Roll down and secure ECU canvas covers. (22)  Return ECU maintenance platform to stored position and secure. (23)  Remove ladders from Laboratory compartment side access door, mechanical room, and side of bridge at rear platform. (24)  Remove Bridge from between rear platforms. (25)  Store rear platforms in upright position, and store bridge on underside of Mod Lab B rear platform. (26)  Store and secure ladders in storage racks under Laboratory.


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