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TM 10-6640-239-13 2-52 2-8. PREPARATION FOR MOVEMENT. The following paragraphs are used to prepare Mod Lab B for movement. a. Interior.  Prepare as follows: (1) Place all chemicals in designated storage.  Refer to Appendix C.  Ensure all caps are tight. (2) Place all loose test equipment, support equipment, and supplies in their designated storage. (3) Drain and clean the following equipment: (a) Refrigerator (b) Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bath (c) Distillation Unit (d) Electric Still (e) Water Purification Unit (f) Evaporation Loss Bath (g) Refrigerating Circulator (h) Utility Bath (i) Drain Tank (j) Viscosity Bath (4) Turn off oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen at their respective gas bottles.  Remove gauges and install bottle caps.  Ensure that bottles are firmly secure in there mounting brackets. (5) Ensure that propane bottles are removed from propane locker and stored in correct overpack box. (6) Ensure that thermometers are removed from thermometer case and stored in correct overpack box. (7) Empty and clean interiors of laboratory ovens.  Remove and store desiccant from desiccating cabinet. (8) Place cover over analytical balance and secure to vibration mount with snap clamps. (9) Install shipping straps and brackets where required and ensure all retaining screws are tight. (10)   Check contents of all cabinets to ensure all items are properly stored for movement.  Secure glass objects in drawers as necessary using suitable tape. (11)   Test gas alarm system. (12)   In MAIN POWER PANEL, position circuit breakers except A1CB1, A1CB2, A1CB9, A1CB11, and A1CB13 to OFF. (13)   In POWER PANEL NO. 2, position all circuit breakers except A15CB10 to OFF. (14)   Drain the following: (a) Water Tank (b) Air System Moisture Trap (15)   In POWER PANEL NO. 2, position circuit breaker A15CB10 to OFF. (16)   Through rear door, load overpack boxes into laboratory compartment and secure with tiedown straps in accordance with loading diagram located on rear door and Figure 3-4. (17)   Through side door, load spill kit into laboratory compartment and secure with tiedown straps


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