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TM 10-6640-238-13 1-32 u. High Pressure Boiler (Steam Super Heater).  The high pressure boiler is mounted on the front wall curbside to the right of the gum bath and is designed for use in ASTM test D-381.  It operates on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB19 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  It is a circulation heater used to raise the temperature of steam which it receives from the low pressure boiler (steam generator) located in the mechanical room.  It, in turn, then supplies this super heated steam to the gum bath.  The high pressure boiler is equipped with a thermostatic control which can be set to desired temperatures up to 5505F (2885C).  The auxiliary switch on the gum bath turns the high pressure boiler on or off. v. Ice Maker (Freezer).  The ice maker is mounted into the front wall of the laboratory compartment to the left of the fume hood.  It operates on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB8 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  It is a plug-in-type freezer unit. w. Ice Making Bag.  The ice making bag is stored in the gas cylinder storage locker.  It is used with the carbon dioxide gas to make dry ice which is used in performing certain tests in the laboratory.  The bag is provided with fittings to attach it to the carbon dioxide gas cylinder. x. Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester.  The JFTOT is designed to fulfill the test requirements of ASTM test D-3241.  It operates on 110V, 60 Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB3 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  It consists of a closed loop fuel system with a heater tube section, test filter and associated equipment for controlling and measuring the heater tube temperature.  It uses water for bus connector and fuel cooling, and nitrogen to pressurize the fuel system. y. Kinematic Viscosity Baths.  The kinematic viscosity baths are mounted on the roadside countertop and are designed to be used for ASTM test D-445.  They operate on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB5, located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  The baths each hold six glass capillary viscometers.  Their temperature range is from ambient to 2125F (1005C).  The solid-state controllers have a sensitivity of +0.015F (+0.0055C).  Each bath has a motor driven stirrer to circulate the bath liquid, a pyrex bath jar, thermistor probe, thermometer holder, and stainless steel part covers, viscometer holders, viscometers and a bath thermometer. z. Laboratory Ovens.  The laboratory ovens are mounted on the roadside countertop and are used for ASTM test D-2276.  They operate on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB4 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  The ovens employ gravity convection as a method of heat transfer within their respective chambers. They are provided with two highly accurate hydraulic thermostats (one for control and one for high limit safety) from a single control.  This provides a sensitivity to .455F (.255C).  The ovens have a maximum operating temperature of 4375F (2255C).  They are supplied with a thermometer with a temperature range of 0 to 4825F (2505C). aa. Low Pressure Boiler (Steam Generator).  The low pressure boiler is located in the mechanical room, on the left side as you enter the compartment.  It operates on 208V, 60Hz, 3-phase power supplied by A15CB5 located in POWER PANEL NO. 2.  The low pressure steam boiler is used to preheat water from the water tank for the high pressure steam boiler which is used with the gum bath.  The low pressure steam boiler has its own circulator pump which can be used to draw water form the water tank, or external water supply; if tank or external water supply is under pressure, circulator pump need not be turned on.  The boiler is equipped with an automatic water fill system and sightglass.  The automatic water feeder system will automatically fill the boiler to proper level and shut off water via an internal neat valve.  The low pressure boiler also contains a pressure gauge, pressure cutoff switch and a pressure release valve to protect the boiler from damage if boiler pressure is too high, or water level is too low. ab. Manometer.  The manometer is mounted on the laboratory curbside wall, above the RVP bomb bath and provides the basic standard of pressure measurement.  It is used in the laboratory to calibrate the RVP gauges.  It consists of a glass column supported within a frame and connected at the bottom by a U-shaped tube to the manometer fluid reservoir.  It has a duplex-type scale calibrated in inches and tenths on the left side of the tube, pounds and tenths using mercury on the right side.  It is also equipped with high pressure (HP) connection, low pressure (LP) connection, fill plug, drain plug, vent plug, and a zero scale adjustment knob.


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