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TM 10-6640-238-13 1-31 m. Flowmeter Kit.  The flowmeter kit is housed in a carrying case and is stored in laboratory cabinet S.  It is designed to accurately measure flow rate and permit calculations of the calibration curve without conducting experimental calibration.  Calibration charts are supplied for air and water.  Correction charts are included for rate observation of gases and liquids other than air or water.  The flowmeter kit consists of four flowmeters and housing with removable stand for countertop use or for support panel mounting. n. Fume Hood.  The fume hood is built into the front wall of the laboratory to the left of the gum bath.  The exhaust blower is activated by a switch located on the left side wall near the freezer.  The fume hood incorporates two vapor proof electrical receptacles.  The glass window moves vertically for access to the interior.  Four stopcocks in the unit provide capability for the use of water supply, water return, air and vacuum.  The fume hood protects the operator from toxic, corrosive, poisonous, explosive, radioactive, odoriferous, and other harmful and dangerous materials.  It provides an area in which solids can be crystallized by controlled evaporation, and in which heat and steam can be exhausted.  The fume hood exhaust blower and gum bath exhaust blower should not be operated at the same time. o. Gas Alarm System.  The gas alarm system consists of a main control unit (cabinet assembly) and two remote detector assemblies.  The main control unit is wall mounted on the roadside and connects electrically to the two detector assemblies.  The system operates on l10V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB22 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  The main control unit supplies 5.5 VDC to the detectors.  The alarm is calibrated for propane and has a setting of 20 to 40 percent of the lower explosive limit (lel) of gasoline.  An indicating meter in the control unit shows the concentration being monitored and adjustable dual-level alarm circuits are triggered whenever a concentration exceeds the lel.  The alarm alerts personnel of combustible mixtures that could cause explosions or cause fires, and automatically activates the air purge system. p. Gas-Oil Distillation Unit.  The gas-oil distillation unit is mounted on the countertop to the left of the side door. This unit is used to conduct ASTM test D-86. q. Grease Dropping Point Apparatus.  The dropping point apparatus is stored in overpack box 6 and is used for ASTM test D-566.  It performs dropping point determinations for quality control and classification of lubricating greases and is equipped with 400-mi oil bath, 1/40 hp stirrer, heater and dropping point assembly.  It includes a chromium plated grease cup, test tube with cup support indentations, thermometer depth gauge, polished metal rod and cork ring guide.  The bath rests on a 550W stepless control heater with reference dial and refractory top plate.  It has a temperature range from ambient to 3505F (1775C) and a heater range from 0 to 550W. r. Grease Working Machine.  The grease working machine is for ASTM test D-217.  It is hand-operated, portable and stored in laboratory cabinet U.  The machine measures the consistency of lubricating grease by penetration of standard cone. s. Gum Bath.  The gum bath is mounted on the front wall curbside and is used in ASTM test D-381.  It is used to determine the existent gum in motor gasoline, aviation gasoline and turbine fuels.  It operates on 110V, 60Hz, single-phase power supplied by A1CB18 located in the MAIN POWER PANEL.  There is a thermometer well provided in the center of the bath to accommodate a thermometer with a temperature range of 20 to 7605F (-5 to 4005C).  An indicating and controlling pyrometer, and an air flowmeter and an air regulator valve.  The gum bath utilizes steam supplied from the high pressure boiler which is located adjacent to the bath and connected to it by appropriate valving and piping.  The exhaust blower is activated by a switch located on the left side wall near the freezer.  The gum bath exhaust blower and fume hood exhaust blower should not be operated at the same time. t. Harvard Trip Laboratory Balance.  This balance is stored in laboratory cabinet G5.  It is a double-beam balance. The upper beam is graduated from 0 to 10 grams in 0.1 gram divisions.  The lower beam is graduated from 0 to 200 grams in 10 gram divisions.  The capacity of the scale is 2000 grams.  It has a sensitivity of 0.1 gram.  It is provided with two removable stainless steel pans.


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