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TM 10-6640-238-13 C-1 APPENDIX C COMPONENTS OF END ITEM AND BASIC ISSUE ITEMS LIST Section I.  INTRODUCTION C-1. SCOPE. This appendix lists components of end item and basic issue items for the Petroleum Laboratory to help you inventory the items required for safe and efficient operation of the equipment. C-2. GENERAL. The Components of End Item and Basic Issue Items List are divided into the following sections: a. Section II, Components of End Items.  This listing is for informational purposes only, and is not authority to requisition replacements.  These items are part of the Petroleum Laboratory.  As part of the end item, these items must be with the end item whenever it is issued or transferred between property accounts.  Items of COEI are removed and separately packaged for transportation or shipment only when necessary.  Illustrations are furnished to assist you in identifying the items. b. Section III, Basic Issue Items.  These essential items required to place the Petroleum Laboratory in operation, operate it, and to do emergency repairs.  Although shipped separately packaged, BII must be with the Petroleum Laboratory during operation and when it is transferred between property accounts.  This list is your authority to request/requisition them for replacement based on authorization of the end item by the TOE/MTOE. Illustrations are furnished to help you find and identify the items. c. Section IV, Basic Issue Items - Overpack Boxes.  This section identifies items (excluding chemicals) packaged inside each overpack box issued with Mod Lab A. d. Section V, Basic Issue Items - Chemicals - Overpack Boxes.  This section identifies chemicals packaged inside each overpack box issued with Mod Lab A. e. Section VI, Manuals.  This section identifies Manual, Catalogs, and Publication issued with Mod Lab A. C-3. EXPLANATION OF COLUMNS. The following provides an explanation of columns found in the tabular listing for Sections II and III: a. Column 1, Illustration Number (Illus Number).  Identifies the number of the item illustrated.  An illustration number preceded by a dash (-) is not illustrated. b. Column 2, National Stock Number.  Identifies the stock number of the item to be used for requisitioning purposes. c. Column 3, Description.  Identifies the Federal item name (in all capital letters) followed by a minimum description when needed.  The last line below the description is the Commercial And Government Entity Code (CAGE) (in parentheses) and the part number. d. Column 4, Unit of Measure (U/M).  Indicates how the item is issued for the National Stock Number shown in column two. e. Column 5, Quantity Required (Qty. Rqd.).  Indicates the quantity required.


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