Quantcast Figure 1-20. Water Purification System

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TM 1640-233-10 1. Water Purification System (Figure 1-20). The Water Purification System is designed to produce Type I Reagent Grade Water equal to or exceeding standards established by ASTM. It can be used on pretreated or high quality tap water. Figure 1-20. Water Purification System m.    Oscilloscope  (Figure  1-21).  The  oscilloscope  is  a  rugged  lightweight,  dual  channel  100-MHz  instrument  that features  a  bright,  sharply-defined  trace  on  an  80-  by  100-mm  cathode  ray  tube  (crt).  Its  vertical  system  supplies calibrated deflection factors from 2 mV per division to 5V per division. It is used to troubleshoot the electronic equipment within the laboratory. Figure 1-21. Oscilloscope 1-30


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