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TM 10-6640-233-10 j. Fume  Hood  (Figure1-18).  The  exhaust  blower  and  the  light  are  activated  by  switches  located  on  the  right  side near cabinet K I. The fume hood incorporates two electrical receptacles. The glass window moves vertically for access to the interior. Three stopcocks in the unit provide capability for the use of water supply. air, and vacuum. The fume hood is used to protect the operator from toxic, corrosive, poisonous, explosive, radioactive, odoriferous, and other harmful and dangerous materials. It provides an area in which solids can be crystallized by controlled evaporation. and in which heat and steam can be removed from hot object. Figure 1- 18. Fume  Hood k. Ultrasonic Cleaner (Figure 1-19). Cleans laboratory instruments and glassware and is stored in cabinet C when not in use. Figure 1-19. Ultrasonic Cleaner Change 1 1-29


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