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TM 10-6640-233-10 f. Duplex  Ferrograph  System  (Figure  1-14).    The  Duplex  Ferrograph  System  consists  of  the  Dual  Ferrograph Analyzer, Direct Reading Ferrograph, and a ferroscope with camera.  The duplex ferrograph is located in the curbside storage box. (1)   The   dual   ferrograph   is   designed   with   two   stations   for   making   ferrograms,   side   by   side.      Operated simultaneously or separately, each ferrograph station magnetically precipitates ferrous wear particles from the samples and  deposits  them  selectively  on  a  thin  glass  slide  called  an  ogram.    After  the  oil  is  washed  away  by  a  solvent,  the remaining particles are left affixed to the glass slide.  The ferrograms are then analyzed with the ferroscope. (2)   The  ferroscope  is  a  special  bichromatic  microscope  system  developed  for  fast  and  efficient  ferrogram analysis.  With both reflected and transmitted light and magnifications of 100X, 500X, and 800X, the ferroscope readily identifies wear particle size, shape, texture, and color.  The system includes a 35mm camera to record particulate data. Also a polaroid camera is provided for instant analysis. Figure 1-14.  Duplex Ferrograph System 1-26


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