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TM 10-6640-233-10 d.     The fluids contamination set (Figure 1 -11) is capable of extracting metallic and nonmetallic particulate matter from  used  oil  samples  for  microscopic  examination.    The  set  requires  the  presence  of  a  vacuum  to  expedite  the participation process.  Normally stored within the cabinet K3, this unit is positioned on the curbside countertop next to the waste oil drain when deployed. Figure 1-11.  Fluids Contamination Set e.     The drying oven (Figure 1- 12) and hot plate set (Figure 1- 13) are comprised of a mechanical convection oven and an explosion-proof hot plate.  The oven is used to dry samples from the filter blotter test and the hot plate is used during the crackle test.  The maximum operating temperature of the oven is 260 degrees Centigrade with a consistency of plus or minus 4 degrees C.  The oven is permanently installed against the forward, curbside bulkhead.  The hot plate is stored in cabinet K2 and used in the fume hood when deployed. Figure 1-12.  Drying Oven Figure 1-13.  Hot Plate Set 1-25


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