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TM 10-6640-233-10 d. Curbside Interior (Figure 1-5). OVEN:      The  oven  is  permanently  installed  and  used  to  dry  samples  from  the  filter  blotter  test.    Maximum operating temperature is 260°  Centigrade, with a consistency of plus or minus 4°  Centigrade. WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM:   Removes minerals from the water. UTILITY LINES (EXPOSED): Provides capabilities for water and air in the laboratory. SAFETY SHOWER: Used to wash contaminants, corrosives and acids from operating personnel. SINK: Used for general purpose cleaning. WASTE OIL DRAIN: Used to dispose of sample oil. ANEROID BAROMETER: Measures atmospheric pressure within the laboratory.  It is temperature compensated and graduated in both English and metric systems. HYGROMETER: Measures the water vapor content within the laboratory. THERMOMETER: Measures the temperature change within the laboratory. EMERGENCY LIGHTS: Three emergency lights are provided with the system in case of electrical failure.  One is located in main laboratory, one in mechanical room, and one in the receiving room. SECONDARY SWITCH PANEL: Located in the receiving room.  Contains circuit breakers for various utilities. GENERAL STORAGE CABINET: Located in the receiving room and is used to store general equipment and supplies. WASTE OIL HOLDING TANK: Holds contaminated oil until it is ready to be disposed. ULTRASONIC CLEANER: Used to clean instruments and lab glass wear. EYE WASH: Used to wash eyes in an emergency. REFRIGERATOR: This refrigerator provides 6.5 cubic feet (118 cmm) of refrigerated space. MAIN POWER PANEL: Located in the mechanical room and is the control point for power supplies to the laboratory.  Contains the main circuit breakers, environmental, water and electrical system circuit breakers, and various component circuit breakers. EQUIPMENT PLENUM: Runs rearward, from the roadside air conditioning unit, along the interior roadside wall, to the computer cabinet.  This plenum supplies cooled/heated air to the computer cabinet and its components. GENERAL ENVIRONMENTAL DUCT:   Runs from the remaining three air conditioning units rearward, forming the  center  ceiling  panel,  through  the  forward  and  rear  bulkhead  and  terminates  at  the  rear  semitrailer  wall. Adjustable vents are installed in the duct to provide for balancing the air flow. VISCOMETER: Used to determine relative viscosity of the oil system. 1-12


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