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TM 10-6640-233-10 FERROGRAPH:  Designed  with  two  stations  for  making  ferrograms  side  by  side.    Each  station  magnetically precipitates ferrous wear particles from the oil samples.  Located in curbside storage box when not in use. STOOL: Three stools are provided for the operator's use. FIRE EXTINGUISHER: The five fire extinguishers are Halon, Type 1211 extinguishers.  Three are located in the laboratory, one in the receiving compartment, and one in the mechanical room. FLUID ANALYSIS SPECTROMETER (A/E35U-3A): Used to determine the type and amount of wear metals in oil samples.    Oil  samples  are  analyzed  for  up  to  15  wear  metals  on  the  spectrometer.    It  is  interfaced  with  the computer system. Figure 1-4.  Roadside Interior Change 1   1-11


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