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TM 10-6640-215-13 5-15.  REMOVE/INSTALL GUM CONTENT TEST BATH- continued. INSTALLATION Install Gum Content Test Bath.  See Figure 5-13. a. Position mounting bracket on bottom of gum bath and install four screws. b. Connect conduit and wiring to gum bath.  Remove tags. WARNING The gum bath unit is heavy (160 lbs/71 kg).  To prevent injury, two people are required to install the gum bath on the counter top. c. Position gum bath on counter top.  Aline mounting holes. d. Install eight screws, flat washers and lockwashers through bottom of counter top. e. Apply teflon tape to male fittings.  Be sure to wrap tape in same direction as pipe thread. f. Connect drain line union to of gum bath. g. Connect steam line union to gum bath. h. Connect wiring and conduit to pyrometer fuse box.  Remove tags. i. Close drain valve. j. At POWER PANEL No.  2, set circuit breaker A15CB5 to ON. k. At MAIN POWER PANEL, set circuit breakers A1CB18 and A1CB19 to ON. l. Prepare and operate water system using internal water tank as source in accordance with procedures listed in paragraph 2-8. m. Inspect for leaks and check for proper operation. 5-26


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