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TM 10-6640-215-13 1-11.  LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR COMPONENTS - continued. Anti-icing  Additive  Test  Kit:  Used  to  determine  the  percent  volume  (%V)  of  anti-icing  additive  in  jet  turbine engine fuels. Gas Cylinder Storage Locker: Provides secure storage for oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen cylinders. Propane Storage Locker: Provides a secure, well-ventilated storage for propane cylinders. Roadside Cabinets: Provide storage for equipment and supplies. Sampling and Gaging Kit: A portable petroleum test kit used in performing ASTM test D-270, D-287, D-1085, D- 1086, D-1250, and D-1298. Air Tank: The air tank is a 30-gallon tank capable of acting as an air accumulator at a pressure of up to 200 psi. Water Chiller: a 30-gph unit that provides chilled water for the laboratory. High Pressure Boiler: This boiler is used to fulfill the requirements of ASTM test D-381. It provides superheated steam to the gum bath. Gum Bath: Used to determine the existent gum in petroleum products in accordance with ASTM test D-381. Fume   Hood:   The   fume   hood   is   used   to   protect   the   operator   from   toxic,   corrosive,   poisonous,   explosive, radioactive, odoriferous, and other harmful and dangerous materials. Ice Maker: The freezer is specifically designed as an ice producing and storage unit.  It has 16 ice cube trays with a storage capacity of 23 pounds. Water  Detector  Kit:  This  is  a  portable,  self-contained  kit  used  to  detect  the  presence  of  undissolved  water  in automotive and aviation fuel. Water Tank: The water tank is a 60-gallon fiberglass tank which is used as a supply source when operating the water system as a closed system. Water Supply Pump: The water pump is a centrifugal self-priming pump.  It is used to pump water from the water tank or from an outside source. Fume Hood and Gum Bath Exhaust Blowers: Used to exhaust noxious and dangerous fumes from the fume hood and gum bath. Steam Generator: An electrically heated low pressure boiler which produces steam for use in the gum bath. Surge Tank: Prevents oscillations in the water system. 1-19


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