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TM 10-6640-215-13 1-11.  LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR COMPONENTS- continued. Centrifuge: Used to conduct ASTM tests D-91, D-893, D-1796, D-2273 and FTMS test F-5105.5.  It is rheostat controlled and can operate at 2250 rpm. Oil Thief: Provides a means for collecting petroleum samples in accordance with ASTM test D-270. Environmental  Control  Unit  Control  Modules:  There  is  one  control  module  for  each  ECU.    They  are  used  to control the ECUs in the heating, cooling, or venting modes of operation. Burnout  Furnace:  Used  in  performing  ASTM  test  D-482,  D-874,  and  D-2276.    It  has  a  maximum  operating temperature of 2000°F (1093°C). Laboratory  Ovens:  The  two  laboratory  ovens  employ  gravity  convection  as  a  method  of  heat  transfer  and  are used for baking, drying, and condition preheating. Kinematic Viscosity Baths: The two viscosity baths are used to perform ASTM test D-445.  This determines the Kinematic viscosity of petroleum products. Desiccating Cabinets: The two desiccating cabinets are designed to comply with requirement of ASTM Method ASTM D-2276. Analytical Balance: Used to perform ASTM test D-2276.  It is fully automatic, top loading with up front, one finger control of all balance functions. Gas Alarm Control: The alarm is a calibrated instrument designed to continuously monitor for combustible gas air mixtures.  It alerts personnel to hazardous conditions and automatically activates the air purging system. First Aid Kit: Provides essential items required to treat minor injuries. Barometer: The aneroid barometer is designed to meet the requirements of ASTM test D-86.  It is temperature compensated and graduated in both English and metric systems. MAIN POWER PANEL: It is the main entry and control point for power supplied to the laboratory.  It contains purge control relay AIKi, one 5-amp fuse, three 25-amp fuses, the main circuit breaker and the circuit breaker that  supplies  power  to  POWER  PANEL  NO.    2  in  the  mechanical  room.    It  also  contains  circuit  breakers  that supply  power  for  lighting,  convenience  outlets,  the  gas  alarm  system  and  all  other  equipment  located  in  the laboratory section. Storage Locker: Provides a storage space for miscellaneous equipment and supplies. Separometer: Provides a quick, portable means for field and laboratory use to rate the ability of turbine fuels to release entrained or emulsified water when passed through fiberglass coalescence material. Ballast  Box:  Contains  the  components  for  turning  the  emergency  lights  on  when  normal  power  is  lost,  and  for recharging the battery when normal power is restored. 1-18


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