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TM 10-6640-215-13 1-11.  LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR COMPONENTS - continued. Water Still: An electrically heated portable still used to provide pure distilled water for use in the laboratory. Distillation Units: There are two of these units.  The right-hand unit is a gas oil unit and has an immersion heater in its condenser.  Both units are used to perform ASTM test method D-86. Fire  Extinguisher:  There  are  three  5-lb  fire  extinguishers;  two  are  located  in  the  laboratory  and  one  is  in  the mechanical room. POWER PANEL NO.  2:  This panel is located in the mechanical room and contains circuit breakers that supply power to the four environment control units, mechanical room lighting, convenience outlets, and all electrically operated equipment located in the mechanical room. Air  Compressor:  The  air  compressor  is  a  base  mounted,  2-cylinder,  single  stage  compressor  driven  by  a  3-hp electric motor.  The compressor is capable of providing air at 120 psi. Refrigerator.  The refrigerator provides 6.5 cubic feet (182 cmm) of refrigerated space and is explosion proof. Copper Strip Corrosion Bath: Used with copper corrosion test bombs to perform ASTM test D-130. Fluid  Sampling  Kit:  Used  to  perform  field  sampling  of  liquids  from  pressurized  systems  as  specified  in  ASTM method D-2275. Drain Tank and Sump Pump: The still, RVP bath and return water drain into this tank which contains the sump pump.  The sump pump discharges the tank's contents into the main drain line. Utility Bath: Used to perform ASTM test D-91 and D-1796.  This is a constant temperature general purpose bath. Water Heater: Provides hot water to the system.  It is an electric heater with a 6-gallon capacity. Grease Working Machine: Used to perform ASTM test D-217.  It is hand operated. Flowmeter Kit: Kit consists of four flowmeters and housing with removable stand for countertop use or with panel support mount.  It is used , to measure and calculate flow rate. Curbside Cabinets: Provide storage for equipment and supplies. Gas Detector: Detects dangerous accumulation of gases in the laboratory. Typewriter: A portable mechanical typewriter used to prepare records and reports. 1-17


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