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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0011 00 UPPER DOOR ASSEMBLY   THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Remove,  Replace INITIAL SETUP: Maintenance Level Materials/Parts Unit Screws 1/4-20; Washers, Flat Tools and Special Tools No. 10; Lock Nuts 7/16; Rivets; Screwdriver, Philips #2 Sealing Compound P/N 700145 Screwdriver, Philips #3 Upper Door Ass’y P/N 104013; Wrench, 7/16” Socket 2-Point Door Lock P/N 104052 Drill with 1/8” Bit Riveter, Blind, Hand Pliers, Needle Nose GENERAL This procedure contains information and instructions to keep CBC upper door assemblies in good working order by removing and replacing damaged parts, or the entire upper door assembly. REMOVAL 1.    Using Philips #3 screwdriver and socket wrench (see WP 0021 00, Table 0021 00-2, Item 1), remove sixteen screws, nuts and washers (1) from door while loosening nuts from outer side of door with combo wrench. This requires 2 personnel.  Remove door. 2.    To remove 2-point door lock assembly (2) remove and discard two cotter pins (3) from latch   bars (4). Remove handle (7) and latch bars.    3.    Using Philips #2 screwdriver, remove upper latch bracket (5) by removing two screws and spacers. Save spacers.  Loosen nuts with socket wrench from  inside. This requires 2 personnel.  Remove upper latch bracket.  Repeat this procedure for lower latch bracket (6).    4.   Remove 2-point door lock by using Philips #3 screwdriver and socket wrench (see WP 0021 00,   Table 0021 00-2, Item 1).  Remove four screws, nuts and washers while loosening nuts with socket wrench from inside.    5.    To remove outside handle of 2-point door lock (2), use drill (see WP 0021 00, Table 0021 00-2, Item 3), and drill out three rivets from inner side of door.  Pull off handle. 0011 00-1


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