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TM 10-5411-232-13&P CARGO BED COVER (CBC) M105A2 TRAILER, TYPE II 0011 00 UPPER DOOR ASSEMBLY             REPLACE 1.    Using Philips #3 screwdriver and socket wrench, attach upper door with sixteen screws, nuts and washers (1). Before tightening nuts from outer side of door with socket wrench, apply sealer   around screw holes to prevent water leakage. Tighten securely. 2.    Using riveter (see WP 0021 00, Table 0021 00-2, Item 2), attach outside handle on 2-point door lock (2) with three rivets from inside. 3.    Using Philips #2 screwdriver and socket wrench, attach 2-point door lock with four screws, nuts and washers.  Tighten nuts with socket wrench from inner side of door.  Apply sealer around screws. 4.    Attach upper latch bracket (5), bracket hole facing up and and lower latch bracket (6), bracket hole facing down, including spacers, with two screws, nuts and washers for each bracket.  Realign spacers, then tighten.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. 5.    Insert long latch bar into upper bracket and short latch bar into lower bracket.  Align holes on latch bars with holes on handle (7). 6.    Insert two new cotter pins (3) to secure latch bars and handle. This requires 2 personnel. END OF TASK 0011 00-2


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